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Story Behind the Song
Get the terrorists

Big Rats (Give Fighting A Chance)

Baby, there's times to fight,
Times to talk,
Times to let it slide.

Sometimes to get peace
You must take a stand,
And this time John might say: Give fighting a chance.


Big rats don't die,
easily, cause they run around hiding,
In all the holes that they've come to know.

This fights, alright,
there comes a time when the people must stand up,
Can't let, some freak, go medieval on you.

Imagine what the future could hold,
If these clowns aren't brought under control
Remember what Bob said: Stand up for your rights, get up, stand up.


Now this might be hard to believe,
If we get them the killing will cease.
Sometimes you have to unfortunately fight for peace.

(c)2003 Talbott