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This is just the story of the summary of my life:

I was born and then I met you. in the future I will die.

There's nothin that I ever wanted anywhere as near as much as you.

All the other stuff there was, doesn't count a lot

In fact the more I think about it, don't amount to squat.

There's nothin that I ever wanted near as much as you.



My Baby keeps my right from wrong.

My baby's got it going on

My baby's got all that I want.

And that's all that I need.



You do what you do and I'm not sure what it is that makes me feel so glad.

But I'll tell you that I know I would take you on the worst day that you have.

There's never been another girl that ever made me feel the way you do when you do what do.





But I'm not worried about those nights.

No one else need apply.

When you think you're fallin - it makes you want to hold on.



Tie dye tank top, nice rack, big back, every girl's got something going on.

There's dreams in the pike from the 4 inch spikes and the legs that go on and on.

And although it's very tempting and a little hard to fight, I know there's only going to be one girl for me tonight.

Hey - she's all that I need.




Everybody's gonna fall in me.

Everybody's gonna see why it's all that I need.



To everybody Everywhere: There's something in the night.

That's gonna try to make you Wang Chung tonight,

Hear what I say and put al the testosterone away.

Yeah you better together and you betta pull away cause the best thing goin is you to home.

It's easy to forget, but you just don't let it pull you down.

Everybody's gonna fall in me.

All that I need is you, that's right....




(Alternate lyrics for female singer available)

(c) A. Talbott 2004